Healthy Fish Choices: Promoting healthy fish consumption for women and children

Have you heard questions such as these in your discussions with patients?

Healthy Fish

“Doctor, I’ve heard I’m not supposed to eat fish during my pregnancy. Is that right?”

“My 3-year-old son loves tuna and eats it every day. Is that a problem?”

“Am I supposed to be taking fish oil supplements?”

Are you confident you can answer these questions based on the latest scientific evidence? Do you have the information you need to guide your patients toward healthy fish consumption?

Healthy Fish

Healthy Fish Choices is a CME course designed to enhance the care you provide to women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, women of child-bearing age, and young children. The course is aimed at pediatricians, family physicians, obstetricians, and nurse midwives.

Healthy Fish Choices, taken on-line, is divided into six short modules to be completed at your own pace allowing you to incorporate what you learn into your clinical practice as you proceed through the exercises.

Funding for the development of Healthy Fish Choices was provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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