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General Requirements

Begin playing the Healthy Fish Choices Introductory Video below to ensure that your computer meets the technical requirements needed to stream Healthy Fish Choices Video Presentations. If the video and audio play smoothly, your system should be compatible and you may stop the video and proceed to the Registration & Enrollment instructions below.

Registration & Enrollment Instructions

To participate in the Healthy Fish Choices Curriculum you will need to register (create an account) and enroll in the course. Follow the instructions below to create a user account:

  1. Click the "Create New Account" button below and submit the new account form.
  2. An email will be sent to the address you provide with a Course Enrollment Key. Click the account confirmation link in the email.
  3. A confirmation page will open. Click "Courses" and select "Healthy Fish Choices".
  4. Enter the Course Enrollment Key provided in the email you receive when required.

Should you encounter any problems creating your account or logging in, contact the Healthy Fish Choices Support Staff by sending an email to "".

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